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Chic, lightweight, easy to tow small caravans designed for maximum fun and ease-of-use!

From £24,595.00 incl. VAT

Compact, comfortable and easy to tow.
The best things really do come in small packages!


Whether you’re a couple looking for some quality rest & relaxation or a solo explorer seeking adventure, Campods are the ultimate compact & lightweight small caravan.

Designed and built in the UK using the highest quality materials, Campods promote British excellence and provide a premium glamping experience in caravan form!

They're easy to tow, easy to use and built to last, so you'll have none of the worries usually associated with caravanning - just hitch up, head out and start exploring.

Relax in Comfort

Small on the outside, spacious inside

Campods feature a unique recessed footwell to provide full standing height inside (190 cm / 6 ft 3") while retaining a low overall height of just 235 cm.

There's a large 4 to 6 person seating/dining area with twin tables, so there's plenty of room to invite friends or campmates in for a bite to eat or a glass of bubbly!

When the daylight hours are waning, convert the seating area into a large double bed in a matter of moments.

Dual Side Openings

Bring the Outside In

Whether it be a scenic coastal sunset, sleepy woodland hollow or a serene riverside retreat, the Campods wide, side-opening hatches allow you to fully immerse yourself in your surroundings and soothe your senses.


The large, double glazed main arched window completes the experience, allowing an abundance of natural light into the Campods interior, giving the feeling of being outside in the open air.


Kick back with a bottle of your favourite vino and watch the world go by around you from the comfort and luxury of your Campod.

Lightweight Design

Lightweight & easy to manage

If you’re not keen on the idea of towing, Campods could be the perfect caravan for you!


With a MiRO of 750kg's to 800kg's and MTPLM options ranging from 800kg to 1,000kg, Campods can be towed by most vehicles and are easy to push into position by hand. Optional motorised jockey wheels take that a step further by allowing you to manoeuvre the Campod with minimal physical exertion required.


Simply arrive on site, unhitch, move into position and you’re ready to enjoy your holiday.

Break the mould

Traditional styling, 
contemporary furnishings

With a classic exterior design, stylish, contemporary interior and a range of luxurious furniture and upholstery options, Campods truly blend the old with the new to create a unique caravan that feels both timeless and modern.


If you’re looking for a high quality, British-built caravan with real personality, Campods fit the bill perfectly.