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Campod Caravans - the UK's first glamping caravan

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Experiencing the great outdoors in style & comfort – that's what glamping is all about.

It may be mocked by hardcore campers and caravanners for whom "roughing it" is an intrinsic part of the experience, but there's nothing quite like immersing yourself in nature surrounded by your creature comforts.

Whether it be a serene woodland retreat or scenic coastal getaway, kicking back with a glass of bubbly and stargazing at the night sky is a magical and enchanting experience.

For many of us, the word "glamping" is synonymous with "expensive", but it doesn't have to be! Why spend hundreds of pounds for a single nights stay at a posh glamping retreat when you can purchase your own mobile glamping getaway to use time and again?

Campod Caravan - Small Caravan to be used as a Glamping Pod for Glamping UK

Campod Caravans - the UK's first purpose built glamping touring caravan

Designed and manufactured in Gloucestershire, Campods are the first purpose built glamping touring caravans. With stylish, high quality furnishings and upholstery and a spacious interior featuring full standing height via a unique recessed footwell, Campods are a new and exciting addition to the UK leisure vehicle market.

We've tried to recreate the classic glamping experience in caravan form. Campods are your own personal, towable glamping pods with a wide range of features and accessories, and best of all - they're totally customisable to suit your own tastes!

Choose from 4 stunning preset shell colour schemes or create your own unique dual colour scheme to stand out from the crowd, then pick from either high gloss cream or white interior furniture units with solid oak worktops and a huge range of upholstery fabric choices from the "velvet weave" Destino or the faux leather Enduro ranges.

Campods are the antithesis of the big white box caravans that have traditionally dominated the UK leisure vehicle industry - if you're interested in getting out in nature but hate the idea of a classic caravan holiday, Campods will tick a lot of the boxes for you!

Campods vs Glamping Pods

There are a surprising number of benefits to owning a Campod vs renting a glamping pod for getaways!

Your own personal slice of heaven: Campods are fully customisable to suit your tastes and needs. With a wide range of exterior and interior colour options, your Campod can be customised to reflect your personality - whether you're a bubbly, extroverted person with a taste for bold, "out there" colours or more reserved and prefer neutral colour schemes, the possibilities are endless.

Choose your location: Unlike a stationary glamping pod, Campods can take you anywhere - wherever your car can go, your Campod will follow. This gives you the freedom to explore and experience a vast range of locations. You're not just limited to UK getaways either - Campods have full European road approval so you're able to journey over to the continent too, if you feel so inclined.

Get up & go: The overall dimensions of a Campod are small enough that they can be comfortably stored at home on your driveway or in a parking space, so you can leave your Campod packed with the essentials and get away at a moments notice. Tired after a long week and fancy a chance of scenery? Hitch up your Campod, hop in your car and take to the open road.

An investment - not an expense: Much like the purchase of a car, Campods are an asset and hold their value extremely well. You'll get years of fun and enjoyment out of your Campod, and if the time comes where you decide to sell up, you'll be surprised at the residual value leaving you with cash to spend on future holidays and more!

What sets Campods apart from other caravans?

There are a number of features completely unique to the Campods that make them really stand out from the crowd:

Full standing height: Unlike many other small caravans, Campods offer full standing height up to 6 ft 3" via the unique recessed footwell. We've custom designed and built a galvanised steel chassis to incorporate this unique feature.

Opening side hatches: Campods feature 2 adjustable side opening hatches to open up the interior and provide breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. Let the fresh air in while you relax on the comfortable upholstered seating and fully immerse yourself in sights, sounds and smells of nature. Each hatch features its own opening window with bug mesh and blackout blinds which can be used instead of opening the hatch if the weather isn't permitting.

Large seating/dining area: The seating, dining and lounge area of the Campod comfortably fits up to 6 people with 2 removable solid oak tables and a variety of different configurations. The comfortable upholstered foam cushions are available in a range of finishes from the velvet weave Destino and faux leather Enduro ranges.

Unique external design: There's really nothing quite like the Campods on the UK market. The shell design is often compared to a traditional "shepherds hut", feeling both classic and contemporary with the limitless possibilities on offer via unique colour schemes. The curvature of the shell also helps to reduce crosswinds in transit, providing a smooth, seamless towing experience.

Storage galore: At first glance, you may think that you would be limited on storage space in a Campod, but that couldn't be further from the truth!

  • A full height cupboard/wardrobe by the door provides plenty of space for storing clothing and other essentials, along with a camping toilet.

  • 3 drawers beneath the hobs in the kitchen area provides ample space for cutlery and other utensils.

  • Large cupboard beneath the sink for other kitchen items.

  • 50 litre 12v refrigerator with dedicated freezer compartment, 3 shelves and 2 door racks.

  • Cupboard above the fridge.

  • Storage beneath the side seats.

  • Front locker - fits a spare wheel, up to 7kg gas bottle and extra space for storing walking boots and other items.

Can I tow a Campod?

With an MTPLM (that's Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass - the total permitted weight of a caravan or trailer) of 800kg, 900kg or 1,000kg, Campods can be towed by most cars, including EVs!

A simple way to check whether your vehicle can tow a Campod is by looking in your V5C (log book) for the "braked towing allowance" figure. This is usually located on the first inside page, around two thirds of the way down. If your braked towing allowance is 800kg or more, your vehicle is suitable for towing a Campod.

Campods are perfect for inexperienced towers as they're easy to manoeuvre, lightweight and the curved design of the shell reduces the impact of crosswinds in transit, providing a smooth towing experience.

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